• Asura's Wrath First DLC Lets You Fight Ryu

      Yeah I was kind of confused as well. For a second I thought there was a new Street Fighter IV character and we should expect a 4th version of the game. Actually 4gamer revealed that one of the first DLC for Asura's Wrath lets you fight Ryu in a traditional 2D setting. As far as how this happens is beyond me; a possible scenario is that the DLC introduces Ryu into a side story? There really is no understanding how all this is going to happen but it is very strange and very very intriguing. Asura's Wrath releases in the US February 21st this year and for those who missed out on Street Fighter IV here is your chance to demo it out. Wait, maybe this was a hidden advertising for Street Fighter X Tekken, Ono you sneaky sneaky troll.
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      1. mas8705's Avatar
        mas8705 -
        Would it be fair to say that this could have easily have been confused as a photoshop if it wasn't for the fact that it was Capcom who posted it?

        I guess they wanted to stop trolling with Megaman for a bit...
      1. Octavio Valdez's Avatar
        Octavio Valdez -
        This does kinda look like a photoshop, but I can see Capcom doing this since an announcement like this could only help the games sales.
      1. Axicore's Avatar
        Axicore -
        The week after this releases they announce Asura's Wrath: Arcade Edition Turbo.