• Batman: Arkham City- Penguin Trailer and New Villain Reveal

      The debut trailer for one of Batman's most cunning villains has been released for our viewing pleasure from Rocksteady. The Penguin gives meaning to the word "chilling" in this trailer, man how lame. Ok, but it's true. As we know, Arkham City has been thrust into chaos and Batman must navigate the city and track down his greatest enemies that lurk within. Recently we've been shown the villains that will make an appearance in the game, with Two-Face and the Riddler getting their own trailers just like the Penguin.

      The Arkham City version of Penguin is one not easily shaken, and you can see that he in fact has a heart as cold as ice. The Penguin, as he says, has dozens of Arkham City inmates ready to join his posse, but only the best are allowed to join him. The inmate who can manage to kill Batman will be the lucky new member of the Penguin gang. This is a feat not easily accomplished, and Batman is more than willing to get down to business when the crowd of inmates starts to circle him. Batman, of course, makes short work of the crowd, but the Penguin resorts to Plan B, and makes the floor crumble at Batman's feet. Yet there's a surprise waiting below, a surprise that turns out to be an unexpected addition to the villainous ranks of Arkham City.

      Batman regains his footing to find himself face to face with none other than Solomon Grundy. Should you not be familiar with the character, Grundy is a zombie supervillain who is gifted with superhuman strength which is said to rival that of Superman's. Despite taking considerable amounts of damage, Grundy will manage to prevail due to his healing factor. Named after the children's poem from the 19th Century, he merely utters to Batman: "Solomon Grundy. Born on a Monday." His appearance in Arkham City is surely an awesome sight for sore eyes. How this scene continues is left to our imaginations for now. Batman: Arkham City keeps throwing surprises our way. We can't wait to see what's next.

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        Whoo soloman grundy! im excited, excited enough to post this!