• Cooking Mama cooks up over 12 million units sold worldwide

      Cooking Mama graced our Nintendo DS systems with the first title in the franchise, Cooking Mama, back in 2006. Since then, she has been back with more titles, not only for the DS, but for the Wii as well (also iPhone and iPad). Taking us into our virtual kitchens to cook up some fantastic recipes, sharpen our skills, decorate our kitchen and Mama herself with accessories, and most of all, not to burn our food and make her angry and see that fire in her eyes.

      She has also shared skills outside of the kitchen with Crafting Mama, Gardening Mama, Babysitting Mama, and the most recent release of Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures tests our outdoor abilities. I am really enjoying Camping Mama, as it has added more elements to the game, other than the typical learn and practice elements that you're used to in Mama titles. Yes, that is what we know and love, but the player is now expected to survive the outdoors against animals and making their way to find Mama and Papa, as they are learning tips from them both. I will have the review your way very soon!

      According to a recent press announcement:

      "505 Games announces today a major landmark in the Cooking Mama franchise: the sale of its 2 millionth unit in the UK, where the original Cooking Mama game for Nintendo’s DS platform still enjoys the prestige of being the number one selling third-party Nintendo DS game. Internationally, the Cooking Mama World franchise has now sold over 3.5 million units across Europe and 12 million units worldwide."

      We now have Mama coming to the Nintendo 3DS, with the launch of Cooking Mama 4 on November 25th. Get ready for some more Mama action as we welcome her into 3D, for her very first time!