• Couch Co-op Episode 18

      The group met up again to discuss some random news circulating in the video game industry and to bring some great gaming discussions your way. Join us as Gusto, Scotterz Fils-Aime, Wildcardcorsair, Jason X, and myself (Beatboxtaun) discussed the games we are playing - "What are you playin', stranger?" and shared our take on the current gaming news.

      We all get down and dirty with the news circulating the gaming industry. Here are the main news topics from the site that we covered, among many others:

      • Wii U sales saw 40K in returns
      • Media Create Sales 02/18-02/24
      • Xbox LIVE Ultimate Game Sale
      • GameStop's 6 foot tall BioShock Infinite statue contest
      • Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
      • Beyond: Two Souls release date
      • PlayStation Plus and the PlayStation 4
      • and so much more!

      A more intimate look into news circulating the gaming industry where we allow you to wind down with us and discuss major highlights of the week.

      We got a new mic and we were testing the sound. We're not too happy with the outcome, but we're working on the adjustments for the next podcast!

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