• EA in the Running For The Consumerist's "Worst Company In America"

      It looks like all that hatred for Electronic Arts is spreading like wildfire. The Consumerist has placed 32 of the "worst" companies in America in a March Madness-style bracket, and it looks like EA has reached the Elite 8, even surpassing Apple and Gamestop. With Origin, online passes, the controversial ending of Mass Effect 3 and some other odd business choices, it is no surprise they have made the cut.

      "Two weeks ago, 32 of the nation's worst businesses entered the Worst Company In America Battledome Nonagon, hoping to prove they could out-twit, overcharge and outlast the others to ultimately be named the Worst Company In America 2012. Two dozen companies have since been fed to the shark-eating robot piranhas and only eight remain with a chance to be crowned with the Golden Poo. "
      So if you like hating on EA, go and vote or just stay tuned to see how they fair.
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      1. Judecca's Avatar
        Judecca -
        Hahahaha yes

      1. Dude's Avatar
        Dude -
        It's funny reading the comments that people put. They're like "I'm not a big gamer so I don't see why EA is on the list, but whatever." Everyone has their reasons (completely logical ones at that) of bashing BoA, FB, Comcast, etc. But no one seems to understand why EA has made it that far. Judecca, I guess it's time for you to showcase your hatred to the masses!
      1. Judecca's Avatar
        Judecca -
        Already submitted a comment. It's pending approval from the site but here's what I wrote.

        "Normally voting for Bank of America would be a better choice but everyone already knows just how bad Bank of America is and them winning this award would cause less of an impact than hitting EA with it. Make no mistake. EA really does deserve this award too. They dissolve gaming studios like Westwood, put pressure on their studios to crank out games forcing developers to cut corners, nickel and dime their customers with online passes and DLC. Their PC gaming platform Origin has all sorts of dastardly clauses like them reserving the right to scan your computer which is a large invasion of privacy. Yet all this continues to go on because the average consumer doesn't know about it. Voting for EA will bring to light all of the nasty things they have done to our hobby. Which I admit is nothing compared to what BofA has done but BofA doesnt need this poll to let America know they suck. They are doing a bang up job doing it by themselves."
      1. Omnipotence Reached's Avatar
        The worst company in America right now is actually the Federal Government
      1. Judecca's Avatar
        Judecca -
        The worst company in America right now is actually the Federal Reserve