• Exclusive Details on Transformers Universe to be Revealed at Comic-Con

      Jagex's upcoming MMO, Transformers Universe, will see some exclusive details revealed at this year's Comic-Con.

      Some news on the gameplay, artwork, and a new trailer is said to be disclosed. A character mention, is also in the works. All we can share is that it is said that an "old favorite is named and returns". They are planning to include as many signature characters as they can from the entire franchise. Keep in mind that this includes a 27-year history. Any guesses on who it will be or who would you like to see make their return?

      Jagex is planning a 2012 release for Transformers Universe and will offer this MMO as a free-to-play title.

      Comic-Con starts in two short days, with tomorrow night being a preview night. Until these exclusive details drop, you can head over to the Transformers Universe official site and enter your email to keep updated on the title. We will also keep you updated, as information is announced.