• Hideo Kojima Explains "The Truth Behind Metal Gear RISING"

      Ever since the reveal of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance this past Saturday, internet forums were set ablaze with discussion about the next title in the storied franchise from Hideo Kojima. Many people questioned the series' direction while others became extremely hyped by the inclusion of the new developer of the game, Platinum Games, who has brought us titles such as Mad World, Bayonetta and Vanquish.

      In this 25-minute-long video interview with Kojima-san, he goes in-depth about how this pairing of Kojima Productions and Platinum came to be, and other morsels of information that would be interesting for any Metal Gear fan to hear. There's a lot of honesty from Kojima and other KojiPro devs about how they struggled with Rising's game design, trying to balance stealth and action. It's pretty refreshing to hear such honesty.

      Other tidbits:

      - MGS Rising was canceled at the end of 2010 and picked up by Platinum with an all-new story
      - He originally planned MGS5 to star The Boss and The Cobra Unit

      Check out new info like this and more in the video below.

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      1. Octavio Valdez's Avatar
        Octavio Valdez -
        Oh man that video has got me soooo hyped. I really love Platinum games and I think this is going to turn out really fantastic. Hardcore MGS fans may feel a little betrayed, but my body is so ready.