• Interview with Plants vs Zombies- Garden Warfare Producer: Brian Lindley

      Towards the end of the first day at E3, I was very lucky to not only get to sit down to watch a "behind closed doors" demo of the upcoming "Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare," but I was allowed to interview the Producer of the upcoming game, Brian Lindley.

      A few things to note that during the interview, there were two questions that I did not ask. The first was, "Can multiple players play as the same plant?" I went back the next day to ask Brian directly and he told me that this can not be discussed at this time, but will be disclosed at a later time. The second question came up when I watched the "In-Depth Preview" which was "Can you play as the Zombies?" At the time of the interview, I did not take this into consideration, however I'm sure that just like my first question, this was something that couldn't be discussed in any details at this time since the main focus was just to reveal the game and to show the basics. For any kind of "PvP" gameplay, that may or may not be shown in the future as we get closer to its release on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. Just would like to point out though that if you do watch that "In-Depth Preview" on the Plants vs Zombies Youtube page, you will actually see a moment where The Football Zombie, a Soldier Zombie, a Construction Worker Zombie and a Scientist Zombie, and actual gameplay footage of the Soldier Zombie in action.

      All gameplay footage shown was from the Plants vs Zombies Youtube Channel.