• Kamiya Responds to Bayonetta 2 Cancellation Rumor

      Please say it isn't so. Oh, but it may not be! SPOnG stated that they have an inside source that has stated SEGA has halted development on Platinum Games' sequel of Bayonetta. Since SEGA had announced restructuring to its Western consumer business, SPOnG's source was described by SPOnG as "familiar with the situation".

      Hideki Kamiya is responding to this rumor, or is he? Kamiya tweeted to those asking about this awful rumor to keep an eye on next week's game magazines. Is there going to be some type of announcement that will indicate the game is definitely not cancelled? Or is Kamiya being the trickster we know him to be at times?

      I am definitely hoping this rumor is not true. The source had also shared that a new character was being designed for Bayonetta 2, "in the form of a member of the US military", they detailed.

      We do know that with restructuring, comes possible cancellations. Plus, we all know that Kamiya has been teasing Bayonetta 2 for quite some time now. Let us hope that a cancellation is not in Bayonetta 2's future.

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        I will continue to purchase every Platinum game ever released. Platinum is the greatest f*cking gaming developer for hardcore gamers.