• Kinect Star Wars, R2D2 Xbox Bundle Release on April 3

      Microsoft announced today that perhaps its most anticipated Kinect title, Kinect Star Wars, will be launching on April 3 for $49.99. They very sleek-looking droid-model Xbox 360 Hardware bundle will launch on the same day, which also includes a C3PO-inspired controller, a copy of the Star Wars game and also Kinect Adventures, at $349.99.

      Details about the game have been sparse up to this point, but Microsoft, LucasArts and developer Terminal Reality pulled back the curtain on the title, naming the game's five different modes: Jedi Destiny: Dark Side Rising, Podracing, Rancor Rampage, Duels of Fate, and...Galactic Dance-Off. Ah yes, what would a Kinect game be without some sort of dancing mini-game? Now you can finally prove to yourself that while Darth Vader may control the force unlike any Jedi or Sith before him, you can dance his evil ass into the dirt.
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      1. Emily "Darkcamllama" Hatcher's Avatar
        If this was 1994, I would beg my parents for it. I loved anything Star Wars. And truly...its a cute looking system. And Galactic Dance-Off....oh hells yeah. Hope there'll be some hot Twi'lek backup dancers.