• Legend of Dragoon on PSN

      Shu Yoshida, President of SCE Worldwide Studios, posted today that the cult classic The Legend of Dragoon will be coming to PSN! I've long loved this game and was my most favorite game to play on the original PlayStation. Shu Yoshida originally worked on The Legend of Dragoon before he left the Japan studio.

      Shu Yoshida announces that there will be a release of The Legend of Dragoon on PSN under PSOne Classics on May 1st. So less than a month away we can all get our nostalgia working as we remember the graphics of the late '90s. What would be really nice, in my opinion, is a HD remake for PS3... I'm just sayin', it's not an entirely bad idea, yes no?

      So join me in the wait of the arrival of The Legend of Dragoon on PSN, won't you? I'm sure it is going to be a hit. Game On!