• LittleBigPlanet Cart Racing announced!

      This week at Sony's Destination Playstation event, it was revealed that LittleBigPlanet Cart Racing is in the works for Playstation 3. Further confirmation came from UK game shop Future Shop Gamer when they tweeted this message:

      @FS_Gamer at #Playstation Destination Little Big Planet Cart racing announced for ps3. Move compatible wheel and 3D capable!
      Sackboy has already had experience on the racing track before in last year's ModNation Racers (pictured above). No other details were revealed but stay tuned since the event is not yet over.
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      1. Scott "mountain_duwe " Duwe's Avatar
        How is this gonna be any different from ModNation Racers?
      1. Octavio Valdez's Avatar
        Octavio Valdez -
        Scott has a pretty good point, but I'm still kinda excited lol
      1. mas8705's Avatar
        mas8705 -
        I'm sure if anything else, they will many fans will either call it ModNation Racers 2, or ModNation Racers: LBP Edition...

        Granted the only difference I can see from it is how Sackboy creations will be more adorable than most of the creations on ModNation...
      1. Tanya Valdez's Avatar
        Tanya Valdez -
        Oh yeah!
      1. Emily "Darkcamllama" Hatcher's Avatar
        Not big on racing games at all...but Sackboy is just too adorable.
      1. inkboy200x's Avatar
        inkboy200x -
        not sure bout this. SOny is gunna go the nintendo route and just put their character in every game. Soon we'll have LBP Party, LBP Golf, LBP soccer etc etc
      1. Alex SageMode Rayon's Avatar
        The funny thing is someone could just create cart racing games in LBP 2, its even a story mode mini game stage.
      1. Skotters's Avatar
        Skotters -
        Quote Originally Posted by Scott "mountain_duwe " Duwe View Post
        How is this gonna be any different from ModNation Racers?
        Same exact thing I was thinking earlier.