• Mega Man Christmas Tree

      For those of you all who know my family, know that we don't just play games-we live them. We collect pretty much everything, from apparel, to arcades, to posters, toys, and just about anything we can get our hands on. This lead to our very own website and my passion for writing. For those of you who saw our tree last year, we incorporated my love for video game crafting into it. We had many video game sprites with Iron Mike Tyson, of Mike Tyson's Punch Out!, topping the tree.

      As we thought about this year's tree, as a family, we felt that a theme would be much better. What did we choose to go with? Mega Man bosses, E-Tanks and Mega Man pellets with a Mega Man himself as the tree topper. What makes this tree so special is that we put the tree together as a family.

      You can see all of the angles of the tree in the images below.

      Here are past video game crafts that I have worked on:

      2009 Christmas Tree

      Video Game Scarves

      2008 Halloween Pumpkins

      2009 Halloween Pumpkins

      2010 Halloween Pumpkin

      Sonic Shoes made by my 9 year old son

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        SILKIE -
        Just Awesome! Speechless.
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        Savannah -
        New super mario bros, I need help!!!!? For nintendo ds?First of all, this quioetsn is only for people who have already passed the whole game. I really need help on world 5-Tower, I already looked at a walk through for it, but that gave me no help. And I need help on going to world 4, What happened? I like totally skipped a world!!!! PS, if you have any good cheats, please tell them to me!!! and I already know how to play as luigi, ya know, hold down L and R while choosing a file .And I quote, isabel, That points earned this week, -3 , I can see why!!! because you are mean to everyone!!