• Naughty Dog creates DLC Pass for Uncharted 3 Multiplayer

      Today, the Playstation Blog has revealed Naughty Dog's plans for DLC in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. Naughty Dog is taking pre-orders for the Fortune Hunters' Club, a Season Pass that will include 4 multiplayer maps and 3 skin packs. You will also recieve an exclusive Fortune Hunters' Club theme, and messages on the XMB that will tell you when each piece of DLC is released. The price for the club is $24.99, which is a 45% discount from the cost of buying all the DLC seperately, which would come out to $45.00. The first DLC to be released will be a map pack next month, sometime after the game is released. To enter the club, you can pre-order from the Playstation Store or other select retailers.

      The only problem with this deal is that you have no idea what the DLC packs will look or play like until Naughty Dog releases them. As a big Uncharted fan, this just seems like a slap to the face. None of these packs were included in the Collector's Edition, and Naughty Dog has the nerve to begin releasing DLC in the first month! For Uncharted 2, one map pack was free and every other pack of 2 maps was only $5. They seem to have upped the cost of the map and skin packs to compete with other big name shooting games. First the multiplayer pass, and now this club, what is your opinion on this whole matter?