• Nintendo wedding invitations and favors make you want to have a 2nd wedding

      Most women want an extravagant wedding. I am on the other end of the spectrum on this one. We had a very simple wedding that allowed us to spend intimate time with our close friends and family members, and of course, each other. Would I rewind and do my wedding differently? Only, after seeing these Nintendo themed wedding invitations and wedding favors!

      The lucky couple, Esther and Ryan, have an extremely crafty friend, Larry Quach. He designed the invitations to resemble a Super Mario Bros. cartridge, nestled inside its black "jacket". The front of the invitation shows Mario jumping and has details of the wedding. The Nintendo logo and the Nintendo seal of Approval have the bride-to-be's last name and the groom's last name.

      It gets even better! When the recipient opened the invitation, you see Mario and Princess Peach and the rest of the wedding details. The coolest thing about the inside, is that Quach used a circuit board to resemble an actual cartridge.

      The wedding favors that were left on the tables, for the guests to take home with them, were Mario Question Mark Blocks. Inside you find a card that has Mario and Peach thanking the guests for coming to their wedding with Lakitu holding a stick with a heart at the end of the line between them. The box included a card to be placed on the table to let the waiters know what they ordered. I'll just let you have a see for yourself. They are too cute for words. What would the Question Mark Block be without any coins? Quach included chocolate coins.

      The seating chart was Mario-themed as well. A great addition to the invitations, indeed! He has a ton of great pictures that you can see HERE.

      I wonder if 10 years is too soon to have our 2nd wedding...

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      1. Octavio Valdez's Avatar
        Octavio Valdez -
        We could always get divorced and then do it again?
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        lol wow... this is so cool... I wonder if on the seating chart the new in-laws would be under bowser
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        DarkOwlSorceress -
        Total win!!This makes me almost want to get married.................................................almost.
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        That's pretty awesome haha ^>^
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        Dude -
        Well I know what I'm gonna suggest to my fiancee now
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        Quote Originally Posted by Dude View Post
        Well I know what I'm gonna suggest to my fiancee now
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        Does anyone know where I can order these