• Pokemon Gray Website Registered

      Well we all saw it coming, we really did. A website for Pokemon Gray has been registered by the company that was responsible for Pokemon Black/White's website. It is known by pokefans alike that when there are two versions of a game a third one always follows. In this case with black and white there were talks of a gray version but fans were unsure of what the name would really be. Now the question that pops up is will this be for DS or 3DS?

      "A new website has been set up for Pokemon Gray. As spotted by Nintendo Buzz, pokemongray.com has been registered by Melbourne IT Digital Brand Services.

      Melbourne IT DBS also set up pokemonblackwhite.com, which is Nintendo of America's official site for the most recent Pokemon games.

      Each new Pokemon game launches with two separate versions, such as Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, and is then followed with a third version, such as Pokemon Platinum. Considering Pokemon Black and White are the most recent Pokemon games, Pokemon Gray is a logical title for the third version.

      We've reached out to Pokemon Company for comment and will update this story with any information we receive."

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      1. fallenangemon0's Avatar
        fallenangemon0 -
        Great. Now the metagame can change AGAIN. -_- FML
      1. Chris "WildCardCorsair" Garcia's Avatar
        not surprising, i hope that this one finally clears up more having to do with N's mysterious disappearance!
      1. Alex SageMode Rayon's Avatar
        Did you see N's real name? Its Natural Harmonia Gropius . This game will be for DS, Nintendo has never eleased the 3rd 'part' of a series on a seperate handheld. Yellow/GBC, Crystal/GBC, Emerald/GBA, Platinum/DS, Gray/DS.