• PSVita: Escape Plan

      Here's a PS Vita game that shows you all the possibilities of what the Vita can do. The producers, and development team for Fat Princess, bring to you Escape Plan. The game utilizes the multitouch display, rear touch panel, gestural swipe interfaces, squeeze, poke and slap to show you a bit of its potential.

      Escape Plan reminds me of Limbo with it's look and premise, along with its main objective of keeping Lil and Laarg alive through puzzles and traps. The game is scheduled for release on SEN on Feb 22nd and I hope it lives up to our expectations.

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      1. mannyichi's Avatar
        mannyichi -
        Looks like a charming game!!!^_^
      1. sokubo-kun-sama's Avatar
        sokubo-kun-sama -
        lol looks like a fun challenging game!
      1. inkboy200x's Avatar
        inkboy200x -
        it looks nice, but this seems like a game that should come with the Vita, ya know, to show off all its features