• Rumor Mill: Next Sony console will suck as much as the next rumored Xbox

      Kotaku claims that a reliable source leaked info about the next Sony console. A source which they say has not let them down in the past. The Orbis is the current working name for the PS4. It's release is expected to hit the 2013 holiday season. Sure enough, when a Sony spokesperson was presented with this rumor they chose to not comment, sticking to their policy of not dignifying rumors and speculation with responses.

      You're all gonna love this. The Orbis, much like the rumor about Xbox's project Durango, is not going to be supportive of used games. An always online DRM will be implemented which requires the gamer to be online first in order to get their game started. After registering the title to the PSN account the game will be locked to just that PSN account. If the consumer trades their game in; the new owner will be "limited in what they can do" as Kotaku puts it. What that limit is is unknown since the source wasn't able to go into specifics about such measures. Games can also be purchased via a direct download and can be downloaded again at a later time should the gamer need to free up some space on their hard drive. Those days of bringing your video games over to a friends house are gonna become just a distant memory.

      No backwards compatibility with PS3 games. Rather than just pick up backwards compatibility and later remove it; Sony isn't going to so much as even try it this time around. Let's just hope that this is being done to take full advantage of the system's space age hardware but I am not prone to believe that.

      Here's how the specs are gonna look like.

      AMD X64 processor
      AMD Southern Islands graphics card
      Able to display games at 4096X2160 (provided you have a display that goes that high)
      Run 3D games in 1080p

      I highly doubt that the massive resolution that the system supports is even true. PC gaming GPU's and monitors can't even come close to that.

      Keep in mind that this rumor is precisely that. A rumor. So don't get your hopes or pitchforks up yet. I know had to hold back the urge to incite an angry mob myself.

      Kotaku source
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      1. Dude's Avatar
        Dude -
        So ... Rorschach fits here how?

        Interesting specs, and while I don't normally buy used games, I do borrow games from friends and sometimes use a game on a different console. Granted I'm talking about Xbox, but the intellectual property thing that's going on here is getting ridiculous. I know this is a rumor, but it's one that I hope never happens. I mean, let's say I'm hanging out playing a game, and then someone in the house with their own console wants to play said game but on their console/gamertag. They won't have as much stuff to do. Just limits the number of consoles that will be bought. Ok rant off, I just hope this doesn't get too out of hand.
      1. Judecca's Avatar
        Judecca -
        Rorschach fits in here cause it's like saying the end is nigh for video games. No more bringing games over to a friends house, always online DRM, and everything else being completely monetized. The fact that the rumors for the PS4 are similar to the Xbox 720 doesn't bode well for the future of video games.
      1. Omnipotence Reached's Avatar
        And this is coming from someone who always spouts that graphics aren't the number one reason for buying games....
      1. Judecca's Avatar
        Judecca -
        Quote Originally Posted by Omnipotence Reached View Post
        And this is coming from someone who always spouts that graphics aren't the number one reason for buying games....
        If you read my response to Dude, you would see specifically why i think the next consoles will suck. Nowhere do I say "but the grafx guize!" I cite the always online DRM rumors that both consoles share in common as reason to dread the next generation.