• Sonic 20th Anniversary Christmas Tree

      As you all know, for the past three years we have decorated our Christmas trees with video game sprites. Our first tree featured a variety of characters from various video games and included Mike Tyson as the tree topper. The story can be read HERE.

      Last year we decided to dedicate the tree entirely to Mega Man and blasted the tree with a ton of Mega Man characters, eTanks, and his blaster pellets. You can read about it HERE and see more images.

      This year is extremely special. We decided to celebrate Sonic's 20th Anniversary our own way. You may also remember our son, Tito. He is, I believe I can safely say, the biggest Sonic fan there is. He made a pair of Sonic and Knuckles shoes when he was nine. The story and more pictures can be found HERE.

      Tito helped make a lot of the ornaments from our first tree and decided to make all of them himself last year. He has been wanting to make a Sonic tree and wreath and what better time than now, for his 20th anniversary?! We bought him a Bamboo drawing pad last year for Christmas, since all he does is draw Sonic and was going through so many sketch books. Now, he spends his time making Sonic animations with Photoshop. He took on the project of our latest tree and wreath with great enthusiasm and passion.

      With the passing of my father a few days ago, I didn't think I would be up to writing this story. However, today is Tito's 11th birthday and I know that I am not in this grief alone and it would mean so much to him if I posted it for his birthday.

      This tree is also very special because my dad came to visit us Sunday evening, as we were working on the tree. It was nice to be able to work on Sonic Christmas ornaments and chat with my parents. I know Tito was very proud of the tree and one of the last things my dad said, as he left our house was, "That's one heck of a tree. Now, if he could only do Mickey Mouse." We found that very humorous because, although my father is the one that got me into gaming, he doesn't know a lot of video game characters. He passed away the next morning. Without getting too deep into the story, this should convey how special this tree is.

      Here is the list of the characters on the tree and wreath:

      • Amy Rose
      • Sonic
      • Charmy the Bee
      • Super Sonic and the chaos emeralds
      • Metal Sonic
      • Wisps (Hover, Frenzy, Void, Lazer, Cube, Burst, and Spikes)
      • Silver the Hedgehog
      • Rouge the Bat
      • Sonic the Werehog
      • Tails
      • Mighty the Armadillo
      • Chao
      • Doctor Eggman
      • Shadow the Hedgehog
      • Motobug
      • Espio the Chameleon
      • Knuckles
      • Cream

      For Tito's birthday, we got him an X Rocker and some Microsoft Points, and of course he tested the chair out playing Sonic Generations and with his MSPs, he purchased Sonic CD and the Sonic Generations Sonic Avatar costume.

      What my ultimate goal was to get him the Sonic 20th Anniversary statue, but unfortunately you cannot purchase that anywhere. However, I know he is happy with anything he receives. I hope you enjoy the tree and wreath as much as we do.

      A very merry Christmas from our house to yours.

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      1. Chris "WildCardCorsair" Garcia's Avatar
        Tito, this is nothing short of amazing!
      1. Jason Arriola's Avatar
        Jason Arriola -
        Amazing work! It's a tree to envy. From one very big Sonic fan to another
      1. Alex SageMode Rayon's Avatar
        Tito I absolutely love your tree! I need to take a picture with it! As Sonic would say,"Way past cool!!"
      1. AkaneUchiha's Avatar
        AkaneUchiha -
        Beautiful <3
      1. Shams's Avatar
        Shams -
        , I cautiously prdiect that the final level will be Apotos from Sonic Unleashed, Sand Oasis from Sonic and the Secret of the Rings, or either Water Palace Zone, Coral Cave, or Blizzard Peaks from the Sonic Rush series. These stages are near the beginning of the game, where people remember the stages the most. Additionally, these stages have water features which would allow for the mandatory water level' that appears in virtually every Sonic game. Since photos of the Emerald Coast stage have yet to show either Sonic platforming underwater, it is safe to assume that a water level has yet to come.Alternatively, Chun-Nan Day from Sonic Unleashed, Night Palace from Sonic and the Secret of the Rings, or Dead Line Zone from Sonic Rush could be featured. Just throwing those out there. It's not going to happen, but in another reality it might.As for the Modern' boss, we can expect one of Eggman's inventions so that the boss order follows the console version of classic Machine, monster, modern machine. This boss' identity is still up in the air, so it could be anything from the Egg Nega Wisp from Sonic Colors to Exception (featuring the most epic music ever) from Sonic Rush. I would count out anything from Sonic and the Secret of the Rings due to the fact that Eggman is not in control; the Erazor Djinn would be more of a rival battle seeing as though the character has consciousness above a normal boss. Eggman mechas from Sonic Next Generation are possible excluded due to Silver's role as a rival, but that would cause a contradiction for the Final Hazard hypothesis, so Sonic Next Generation bosses are still a slim possibility. The machines from Sonic Unleashed have an equally slim chance due to the Egg Dragoon's inclusion in the console version of the game, but once again, almost anything is still possible at this point.This is all pure speculation but hopefully at least part of my prdiection will come true. I had an inkling Radical Highway would appear, and lo, it did. Now, say it with me Chun-Nan Day and Exception!
      1. Sonia's Avatar
        Sonia -
        I am a tool