• Sonic Merchandise USA & Canada Now Open!

      In January, the Sonic Merchandise store opened up, but not to USA and Canada. As we tried to patiently await its opening to us, I saw several items that I would love to pick up. Today the online store is open to now USA and Canada.

      Filled with various Sonic toys, plushies, and figures. Most things can be found locally for me. However, I am loving the Tails and Knuckles Bobble Heads. Currently, the Apparel, Electronics, and Posters are empty, saying, "Coming soon".

      The official announcement states:

      You'll see there's a few 'coming soon' pages, we're working round the clock to get these filled. So please bear with us.
      Apparently there was a contest to win the 20th Anniversary Statue that I didn't realize was going on. I had even checked on the site earlier this week, or late last week. I was looking to see if it was up yet because they had some school items that I would love to pick up for my sons and even myself. There was a backpack, pencil case and sets, a binder, and more. Unfortunately, I don't see that there. I'm hoping that they will come soon, along with the iPad cases.

      There is also a reward program:

      As a registered Sonic Merchandise user, you will earn reward points for items purchased through the store. You can redeem these in your future orders and save money!

      Reward Points - 100 Points = 1 discount

      We can assume that they meant $1 discount. Check out the site HERE!

      I look forward to seeing the new additions once the rest of the sections are up!
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