• Sony Looking To Make Ratchet, Jak And Sly Movie + More

      Now before you get excited thinking these will be major blockbuster hits you would be getting yourself too excited. There are actual several animated films in the works by Brad Foxhoven featuring some very popular Sony franchises. Whether this will be a straight to TV/Netflix type of deal or a limited theatre run is unknown but seeing our favorite franchises in any kind of animated film is always welcome. Unlike live-action films animated related video game flicks have been more kind to the games than movies as you have seen with classics such as Super Mario Bros. live action movie and Street Fighter (although it can be enjoyable). A Heavenly Sword animated film has been in the works for awhile now and is near completion, one down several more to go. These would make great additions to our Netflix instant queue.

      Thank you Film Financial Services for the info.
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