• Soul Calibur V gets free title updates

      Soul Calibur V gets a free title update on March 21st with lots of extras. It will include lots of tweaks to their battle system, to balance the moves to all characters. There will be more than 240 updates in total, along with customization parts to follow on April 3rd. In the trailer, you'll see new costumes, along with familiar faces such as Pac-Man, Jin Kazama and King.

      For those looking for a bargain for Soul Calibur V, you can get it this week at Best Buy for only $39.99. Click here to order it for the week of 3/18/12 to 3/24/12. I know what you all are thinking, why does Namco give out free updates while Capcom charges, right?

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      1. akiachan's Avatar
        akiachan -
        As long as they balance Nightmare and Kilik I'll be happy! Nightmare has been giving me so much trouble in arcade mode.
      1. mas8705's Avatar
        mas8705 -
        that is nice and all namco, but when are you going to give us the information about playing with dampierre?