• Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Pre-Order Perks

      Just announced, Capcom has revealed where you can pre-order your copy of Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor and what sweet perks you can get from specific stores. Of course it can't ever be easy by offering different perks from where you pre-order, but at least here at 8Bit Fix, we can help ease some of that frustration by showing you what you're getting where. The break-down is as follows:
      • GameStop
        The Iron Guardian Armory Set - is including the Rock armor which gives you increased power for defense, and also Jaguar, which gives you plus speed.
      • Best Buy
        The Chrome Blitzer Set - comes compete with Impact, which helps improve your turning speed. Also with Impact you're getting Tiger, which heightens your destructive power.
      • Amazon
        Carbon Assassin Set - you're getting Savannah. With this it increases bullet's velocity, and also Storm, which gives you a higher shooting range.
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        Judecca -
        Steel Battalion coming back eh? I'll check it out.