• Super Mario 3D Land- Pre-Order Trailer

      Nintendo has dropped a new trailer for the upcoming Super Mario 3D Land in our laps. The new 3DS exclusive features an all new Mario adventure, and Mario's first debut on the 3DS game system.

      The Pre-Order trailer is designed to... well... make you pre-order the game. Never before seen footage on some of the game's new levels are shown off, including some of Mario's classic power ups such as the Fire Flower and, of course, the return of the Tanooki suit. Recently it has been shown that Mario will also be able to use the abilities of the Boomerang Bros, throwing boomerangs at his foes and bringing them right back.

      The trailer continues to keep us excited for the game's release, which is just around the corner on November 13. The return of the Tanooki suit, and now the Boomerang suit, has brought home sweet nostalgia to gamers who experienced Super Mario Bros. 3 so many years ago. Could another power up yet pop up between now and the game's release? Interestingly, the Tanooki suit and Boomerang suit first appeared together in Super Mario Bros. 3. Another power up, one that also appeared in that game but only for a very limited time, is Kuribo's shoe (boot). Hmmm... wishful thinking.

      Anyway check out the new trailer for some new footage on Super Mario 3D Land!

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      1. Tanya Valdez's Avatar
        Tanya Valdez -
        This just looks way cute. I am excited for its release, I tell ya.
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        DarkOwlSorceress -