• Taun Taun's Game Finds: Bayonetta PVC Statue & Mario Bros Cookie Cutters

      I have another Taun Taun's Game Finds for you today! This one is extra awesome because it is.....Bayonetta related! Well, the first part of it is, anyway! I am a sucker for Bayonetta items and they are far and few between so you know I HAD to post this!

      I desperately wanted the Play Arts Bayonetta and Jeanne figures that released a while back and ended up buying them for my husband for either his birthday or Father's Day one year. Now, I see this statue by Phat Company and I need it!

      The statue emphasizes her long legs, just as the game does and features her long black hair and guns on her heels. She stands, ready for battle, on a purple butterfly stand. The detail on the figure is gorgeous. She is 1/7 scale, which is about 27 cm. I wish she was a bit taller, but still amazing! You can pre-order her now and she will be out in March for 13,143, which translates to about $150.

      Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan, Otacute, Hobby Search, AmiAmi, J-List.

      The next Game Find will appeal to the bakers out there! For those of you who have attempted to make your own video game baked goods, you will love this Mario Bros Cookie Cutters Set! There are six cookie cutters in the set and it runs $16 and can be found on Etsy by shop WarpZone.

      Cutters are about 2.5 inches in size.

      The set include:
      Mario Profile
      Luigi Profile
      Boo Buddy
      1-Up Mushroom

      Thank you, Tomopop and That Girl's Site!
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        Reigami -
        Those cookie molds are way too awesome, So many possibilities