• Taun Taun's Game Finds: Skylanders Sidekicks Arrive at Their New Home

      Beginning on July 9th, Frito-Lay began offering their Skylanders Offer. In specially marked Frito-Lay 20-count packs, customers could find a card that let you choose one of four exclusive Sidekick figures, Whisper Elf, Trigger Snappy, Gill Runt, and Terrabite. By cutting out the UPS on the bag and filling out the card included, you just rank your choice in order of preference, with "1" being the first choice and "4" being the last. Then, stick them in an envelope with a check for $2.00 shipping.

      I was on a mission to find the specially marked packs. I bought 4 bags and filled out each card, to ensure we would receive one of each of the Sidekicks. I was hoping that some wouldn't be more exclusive than others, since Frito-Lay disclosed that they could not guarantee that you will get your choice. So, I bought the four bags, filled out the cards, and sent them in immediately.

      As with most promotions, there is an 8-10 week delivery turn around. We received ours in a little over 6 weeks. There is a limit of four figures per household and they must be postmarked by 11/02/12.

      I was relieved to find that we received all four, Whisper Elf, Trigger Snappy, Gill Runt, and Terrabite. They came with their registration code to play the game on the computer, too.

      They measure about 2 inches tall, whereas the regular one measures about 3 inches tall. While the size is not too much different, they are "chibi versions" (as put by WildCardCorsair).

      Here are some pictures of the Sidekicks in their new home.

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