• In The Wake Of Ni No Kuni....Remember Dragon Quest 8....Worship Level-5

      The very traditional Japanese RPG carries with it but one question. That question is all about time. What will you sacrifice? What relationship will lose its effulgence, and crumble under the weight of your selfish leveling up? Indeed the next question will be how powerful do you want your character to be? Things will fall apart around you, people will dislike you. Litigation might ensue. All established rules are at best precarious and productivity a barren,sterile hill of dying weed. Ultimately though as you charge towards the 255 hour mark your brain now an oafish, gutted hollow cube, you still smile. For even as your power is shuttered and the contents of your fridge festering, you can justify the hours spent with dignified repose.

      Ni No Kuni asks this commitment of you, and in 2005 Dragon Quest 8 similarly pleaded for a round table audience. I remind you, Dragon Quest 8 was with no doubt in my mind in the top 5 RPG's of all time. The measurement of its own worth beyond the yardstick and its presence larger than all the video game special editions you have strewn about your darkened room. All that money you spent, the thousands and trillions...None of it could turn in the direction of Level-5's phosphorescent, lambent runway model. Why do anything else but succumb to its kingdom?

      This industry has the memory equivalent of blinking, damaged fish. Forgetting its own need to nourish itself, its one concern is to swim expeditiously, ceaselessly forward. I entreat you, be still. Time has done nothing to damage the luster of Dragon Quest 8, rodents have not yet, nor will come to masticate its withered remains. It will lie in state for all to wistfully behold. As you sit down to play Ni No Kuni, which will likely enjoy the same afterlife as Dragon Quest 8. Give thanks for Level-5 and their monastic and stubborn dedication to crafting games that culminate in your many worldly valuables being hauled away by repossession trucks. Only the greatest of adventures end with real consequences! To Level-5 we salute!