• This is Why Lollipop Chainsaw is Already Amazing

      No matter how Suda51's upcoming zombie hack-and-slash ends up, we must be eternally grateful to him. Even if the game ends up being terrible in every way, he'll still have introduced the world to Juliet, the busty, scantily-clad cheerleader/zombie slayer who stars in the game. Straight from the 2012 Amazing Arizona Comic-Con comes the first cosplay(that I know of at least), of our beloved Juliet, by renowned cosplayer Jessica Nigri.

      Need more Jessica/Juliet? Of course you do. Pick up your jaw and scroll down.


      Can't say I blame the zombies for wanting a taste of this gal. Om nom nom.

      Thank you, so much, Suda51. And thank you, oh, thank you dearly, to Ms. Nigri. Take a look at her official website for more of her impressive cosplay history right here, where you'll find the rest of this photo set and so much more.
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      1. Octavio Valdez's Avatar
        Octavio Valdez -
        you know what I love about these chicks, thinking about how they're going to look and feel in 30 years. It's a great cosplay, but I don't dig the trashy look.
      1. Scott "mountain_duwe " Duwe's Avatar
        Come to Long Island, I'll show you what 'trashy' really look like.