• The World Ends With You Teaser Website's Full Song and Image Leaked!

      Square Enix's teaser website for the new The World Ends With You project has had more information leaked. The full version of the Twiser/Calling remix can now be enjoyed by anyone! Just go to the teaser site and change your computer's calender to August 27th, 2012 then refresh the page. A new background image (above) will also be revealed, showing off the Shibuya 104 building in all its glory. It's been a good week to be a TWEWY fan, thanks to Siliconera for the tip.
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      1. Alex SageMode Rayon's Avatar
        This better not turn out to be a mobile game!!!
      1. ecchiSKETCH's Avatar
        ecchiSKETCH -
        Yes. It will be an Ipad exclusive title. In Japan only!
      1. Emily "Darkcamllama" Hatcher's Avatar
        I want this sooo bad. I dont care what it'll be on.
      1. Skotters's Avatar
        Skotters -
        Fuck off, Square-Enix.